Balochistan is full of talent, it is maybe not the best choice to just only name 3 photographers among all but I have included these because I follow and learn from them. This list may be not the favourite for all.

These numbers does not show the love towards these photographers. All are equal for me so ignore numbering.

1. Illyaas Allah Buksh

As i do not know these photographers personally, i know them because of their photography, Illyaas is one of my favorite photographers in Balochistan. His landscapes just touches my hand. He has a good experience in color correcting and post production of a photo. I suggest you to follow and learn from him.


I am including some recent photos from Illyaas’s Facebook Page.

2. Kamanchar Baloch

I do not know the real name of Kamanchar Baloch, he is maybe the only photographer who is not known buy his name but another name. And who is not taking credits for his own name. I have been learning and following him from maybe 2 years. His pictures of small children and people touches my soul. As well as he is really good in taking wildlife photographs.


Kamanchar has a huge fan following more than 7K in Facebook but i suggest you to like his page and promote him because these are the talented photographers of our Balochistan. Some picture from his Facebook Page are embedded below.

3. Jan Albalushi

I think Jan Albalushi does not need any introduction everyone knows him. Jan Albalushi is a great photographer and filmmaker. Zaraab is one of his best film maybe you watched it is available in youtube.


Jan Albalushi is a complete professional photographer. I do not know what to say about him just attaching some photos you will realise.


So these were the 3 photographers i follow the most, there are a lot of photographers and even i do not know many of them they have talent. You must support the talent like there photos share and follow their pages.

I also do some photography if you want to see my photos just follow my page Shahzaib Majeed.

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