Instagram and making money? Sound different na? but yes you can easily make money using Instagram. As I said in my all posts that some hard work is necessary to make money same applies here but yes you can make a good money through Instagram and other social media sites as well.


Without wasting our time we will go the points which i have included in my Post title that there are 4 ways. There maybe more but i am including 4 best ways to make money on Instagram.

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In my opinion, this is the best way to make good money through Instagram, but for this purpose, you need a lot of subscribers because the party which will pay you will see that how many people are being reached. It needs some time to build a good follower system in your Instagram.


Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing means there are some links, products etc which you promote through your Insta and when someone buy that product you will get commission for that.

Yes! Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money on Instagram via selling some product, you could work with sites like “Shareasale” – “Amazon” – “ShopStyle organization” to find fit products to promote.

This will have good returns if the product you are selling is perfectly suited to your followers, so make certain it doesn’t seem to be just an ad for a product.

Sell Your Own Products:

You are a LOGO designer? Have a online shop or food delivery system? Yes then you can use Instagram to boost your purchases. Like my friend on Instagram, he is good in making logos and now he has started to sell his logos through Instagram. You can also visit and buy from him. His Instagram id is here.

You can also sell your own products like home cooked foods etc through Instagram.

Use Instagram to Improve Your Youtube, Blog Income.

Instagram is a great way to improve your channel on YouTube and also to get plans for future videos by asking your followers and tell your followers to new videos

As well you can make a lot of traffic to your blog via Instagram; you need to do post or storytelling about your article In a refreshing manner and make sure love your post or account with the link of the article.

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