Hello There, I have been suffering from kidney disease since November 2019. This disease is really hard for me. But the other thing is that I get bored. Because I was a boy who always enjoyed his life going outside and meeting friends. But this disease just locked me at home. The biggest problem started when i lost my hearing due to dialysis. I watched movies before in my free time but now i can not listen what they are saying in their dialogues hahaha.

Then suddenly one day i was searching YouTube about ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) i came up on a video. A girl was crumbling Gym Chalk in that video. I even do not remember which channel it was, but i think it was A Powdery Mess. I really really enjoyed that video.

After that i started watching ASMR videos regularly. I watched a lot of channels, many of them are great ASMR channels. But there is a list of channels which those i think upload every video which i like the most. This list in not a big list but these are some best ASMRtists.

1. India The ASMR Chef

I think the best channel (ASMR Channel ) in the internet is India The ASMR Chef. Why l like her because her crumbling style is so different than others. Another thing is that she always crumble like the Gym Chalk is so soft even i watched many videos of her crumbling BSN or Chalkness Monster, these are the hardest chalks but when she crumbles these become so soft and crunchy.

I love when she put Holi Powder on chalks. She is the only one who puts a lot of colors. So i think i like her every style and that is why she is on number one in the list.

Here is a compiled video you can watch.

Compiled Gym Chalk Crumble Video by India The ASMR Chef

2. A Powdery Mess

I love A Powdery Mess. There are two to three reasons behind this love. Number one is because this is the oldest channel i have been watching . Number two she does not waste her time for crumbling small pieces on the ground. Number three because her crumbling style is so different than others. And that is the reason she has more followers than the other channels.

Being in the second number does not mean that she has low content than India. I am giving numbers because of completing this list. These numbers does not show how much i love these ASMRtists.

Here is a video you can watch of A Powdery Mess.

Gym Chalk Crumbling by A Powdery Mess

3. Nothing But Crunches

I call her in my words Crunch Master. Because she has crunch in her every video. There are many things i like about her. She always crumble Plain Gym Chalks that i love a lot. She has great white color because of her lighting setup that i love too. She always crumble a lot of gym chalks in one time. There is a video she has crumbled 1000 reformed gym chalks in just single video. That is because i love her a lot.

Here is the video you can watch of her.

1000 reformed gym chalk crumble by Nothing But Crunches

4. Pearly ASMR

Pearly ASMR and India The ASMR Chef , before i thought these both are same hahaha because there crumbling style and hands were same. But by watching a lot of time i understood that these both are different but has same style of Crumbling. Yeah there is a difference that Pearly ASMR always add a speed up version on the end of the video which i like the most. But she is not so much colourful than that of India The ASMR Chef. Both have their own qualities that is why i love both. I think i have watched each videos of them a hundred or more than that time. I regularly repeat their videos.

Here is a video of Pearly ASMR.

Pearly ASMR Crumbling

5. Roshaz Powders ASMR

Last but not least Roshaz Powders ASMR. One of the best reform makers ASMR. I love her reforms . There is a video in which she crumbled some colorful reforms that video i watched may be some 1000+ time. I am seriously shocked that how she made these. I am including that video and suggest you to please watch that video than you will realize.

Colourful Reform Crumbling By Roshaz Powders ASMR

Hope you like these ASMRtists if you watch there videos. And subscribe there channels as well.

If you have any question suggestion or idea you can comment below in the comment section.

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Thank you so much Stay Blessed and Remember me in your prayers.

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