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Shahzaib Majeed


I am a professional Photographer mentioned in one of the best websites of Pakistan Insearch.pk You guys can check my portfolio there also

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I love to read novels and short stories fictions which i will share in my blog for reading. You guys have to be connected with me.

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I take interviews of some talented people around the country so you can learn about them too.


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It Is not just a blog, but a learning area

I mostly share my favorite things in my blog, such as stories and books.


There are interviews in my blog, so you can learn about other people that how they succeeded and are working hard in their fields


I share downloadable PDF books so you can download and read in your mobile phone. It will also improve your knowledge.


I love reading stories. short stories and novels. I am also been sharing written stories and novels in my blog


This blog will also give you different ideas and tutorials such as i have 8 years web developing techniques which i have been sharing here.