Hi, My name is Shahzaib Majeed. This is my personal blog focusing on working within different areas such as graphic designing filmmaking and sketching. I started this blog as a way of sharing my knowledge and passion for these areas. Here you will find practical information to how to work on these areas.

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My Picture

My Story:

I started filmmaking in 2011 as a character in my own film. After our first film i started working on Direction. There was just 2G internet so i was unable to learn editing etc.

When we got 3g in our area it was a sudden change in my direction and editing. I learnt a lot in these areas.

I worked over 20 films in which there are 5 to 7 feature length films and a lot of shorts and funny clips.

I had worked on some music albums but those where the plops in my career.

I was not aware how to submit my films in different Festivals online. So i started learning on this topic. In 2018 I won All Balochistan Academic Pentathlon and after this success, our success rate started to increase.

My different short films got selected and nominated in different festivals over the world. One of My films Pith Gushi Mann Miraa’n nearly selected in 7 to 8 festivals in different positions such as semi finalists.

So, in this blog i just not want to share i want to learn from different people, want their suggestions and want to make a huge friend list in these areas.

If i talk on the graphic designing and Sketching so these are the fields where i have to learn a lot.

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