Interview??? I have started this interview session. Here I will ask different types of Artists about them, and also about there experiences of the field. This portion is not an ad section for that artist but, it is a section where newcomers of that field will get some knowledge.

I took the first interview with Adil Baluch. I am a big fan of him. He is a great artist. Adil and his twin brother sing together.

So, I got Adil Baluch on Facebook. I asked him some question which he answered.

Adil Baluch sitting somewhere in the streets of  liyari
Adil Baloch

Me: Where from You and what you do?

Adil Baluch: I am from Lyari, Karachi, Sindh. I am doing BS in Media and Arts (Filmmaking) from the Department of Visual Studies, the University of Karachi, and also a Student of Music Vocals and Instrument mainly. I do work in films and Musical projects if I get.

Me: Which instruments you can play?

Adil Baluch: I Can Play Keyboard and Harmonium and I’m learning Keyboard nowadays properly from a Music school so that I can also read music.

I am a vocalist and I do sing different Genres, not bound of any certain genre but yeah I do love good music.

Me: Do anyone from your family background was in that field?

Adil Baluch: No there is no as such background, but our parents always supported us no matter what. They always wanted us to elect our own selective fields.

Me: What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released and why?

Adil Baluch: Brother I’ve always been a performer I always preferred performing live and this is what we’ve been doing. Always respected this field though we could produce music every month, music is a vast field. So, we try to learn as much as possible. And then we always wanted to perform live things not studio recorded stuff. So, we gave auditions for a national project named Braadri Broadcast where 100s of people auditioned and we got selected. That was our first song named Koho Talaraan Des Punjab de.

That was loved by locals A lot. People from Baluchistan and outside Baluchistan. Then the Nescafe Basement is our biggest achievement. Indeed it is because we again gave auditions twice and then got selected. The whole country gave auditions for this and making room in that 72 artists from all over the country is an achievement. Our this song Gharoli and Ghoom Charakhra a Collaborative work with Tahseen Sakina is by far our most loved and viewed song.

We enjoyed being a part of such talented national and international artists. It has crossed 4m views which is why we think this was more commercial and public.

Me: If I ask you single name who is the inspiration for you?

Adil Baluch: There is no single name brother! There was never. I get inspired even from a person I have never met before or don’t know about. People do inspire me with their actions. Labour also inspire me and a great intellectual Philosopher too, But my father has been the direct inspiration for me from the very first day. Cuz he is always there as an inspiration

Adil Baloch in a room
Adil Baloch

ME: What is your favourite song that isn’t your own?

Adil Baluch: Hahaha! There is no specific song. My perspective is different. I love every good song, every good singer I love good music actually so it’s hard to choose one.

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Me: What is the biggest problem you have encountered in this journey of music or singing?

Adil Baluch: People around you are always a barrier for you. It’s like people around you, your relatives and your society. Who stop you doing whatever you love but again if you are determined then you keep all these problems aside and think about how to move forward. Our relatives criticized us for choosing filmmaking and Music and all this, but why should I spend my life for others choice. Our nation is unsophisticated so they still call you Meeraasii or looreeg and etc. But again it’s on us! The youngsters the educated ones to change this society.

Music is not a tool for me to get famous, unlike others. I respect it I know how vast it is and I know it’s important and values. It helps you grow as a person.

Me: One thing you want to change in this music industry?

Adil Baluch: If I could! Then it’s the circulation on the lobbies which run it. I would exceed it by adding the talented ones the ones who actually deserve it. Not the ones only with money and all. Same in the Film industry. It’s hard for us the working or Middle class to be there and make our names. But this is what I’d want to change if I can.

ME: What is your message for the fans around the globe?

Adil Baluch: I’d want them to grow up and think differently now. Life is already shorter so we should keep contributing to humanity and think of how to make this world a better place. Everything comes later. Everyone should start contributing as much as possible. It doesn’t even cost a penny to spread love. And yeah that we should work hard and achieve things rather than achieving things for no reason.

ME: What is coming up next from your side? Any surprise you want to share?

Adil Baluch: Well I believe that things shouldn’t be shared before it’s execution cuz you never know how things turn around and break our expectations. But yeah there are things we both are working on. And they’ll come soon.

ME: Will you suggest any institute for learning in Pakistan or in Karachi for singing?

Adil Baluch: Yes! For Singing, I’d suggest people Join the Zaib Music academy. Where I’m learning it. That’s because the teacher is highly qualified, young and is teaching at institutes like Habib University, Arts council and his own academy.

ME: And for filmmaking?

Adil Baluch: Hahahaha there are hundreds. But Karachi University would be the choice of my department. Cuz that’s not so expensive like others. It’s a state University plus its faculty is well known and the environment makes you an even better filmmaker.

Although there are in numbers for degree, I guess this one has been the best institution so far in my life. The students and the mentalities are different from the rest of the universities or departments.

Me: Thanks for your interview brother it helped me also. Thank you so much.

Adil Baluch: No need of it bro !. We should always be there for each other to support each other and learn from one another.


We had a great interview with Adil Baluch. We will try to get more artist’s interview. This will help fans to be familiar with their loved artist plus it will give us information and direction about different fields. If you have a talent near you contact me on so I can get his interview for my website. Follow me on Instagram or on Facebook.

I suggest you to like their Facebook Page too which is Baluch Twins

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