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Category: Interviews

Interview Of a Female Vlogger and filmmaker | Zainab Younas

As you know I have been interviewing different artists from different fields. I knew a filmmaker, and I have been watching her vlogs and videos. I was not able to interview her because I do not have any contact with her nor I can meet her because she lives in Quetta and i am here in Gadani. It was not possible.

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Interview OF A Photographer | Asad Waheed

I know many photographers whom I am following the most like Kamanchar Baloch, Hammal Saalar Baloch and one name is included Asad Waheed Baloch.

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An Interview Of A Singer Filmmaker Adil Baluch

Interview??? I have started this interview session. Here I will ask different types of Artists about them, and also about there experiences of the field. This portion is not an ad section for that artist but, it is a section where newcomers of that field will get some knowledge.

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