Part 3, The General Ward

Hi everyone! as you know that I have been sharing my difficult times which I am having. If you talk about the toughness of life so yes life is tough but I am competing with life.

I was in the general ward. There were different kidney patients. Some had the same problem as me. Some were facing kidney stones problem. So everyone has a different problem.

At this time I was not aware that my kidneys are not functioning. I thought whatever I faced its end now. Now I am good and in some days I will go home and start my education again. But the situation was different.

Here at general ward different staff members (nurses) had their duties. They put canola in my hand. It was really not bearable when someone came and put the injection in the canola. Because when canola is not in use it will have a blockage. And nurses don’t care if this is blocked or ok. They inject fastly so the pain at that time was unbearable.

At that time I had a pipe on my leg for dialysis and a pipe for urine passing. I was actually not ok with these pipes. So in some days doctor ordered to remove those pipes and put another on my neck. Which needed a small operation. So neck day I went to the operation theatre, where a female doctor did this operation and put another pipe on my neck for dialysis. She said it can be used for 15 days, after that it will cause infection.

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Now, I was facing another problem which was that pipe. Because I had to take care of that pipe. But still, I was thinking i will be ok in a week. I did not think that my kidneys are totally failed. Kidney Center was one of the best hospitals i have visited in my life.

Especially I remember their food. Their services and their hard work. So in somedays doctor said you have to go to home but keep the dialysis in a week.

My First Mavic Pro Platinum Video At Gadani Balochistan

Hello everyone!

As you all know that I have got a gift. Which was a drone. So I was eager to fly it although I did not know how to fly it.

For this, I visited the seaside of our Gadani, Balochistan beach. I hope you know about Gadani. Gadani is so beautiful. Thousands of people come here to enjoy the beach and beauty of Gadani. The main reason for people’s attraction is the cleanliness of the beach. Gadani also has the world’s 3rd largest ship breaking yard. Means old expired ships from all over the world come here fo breaking. The beauty of Gadani beach can not be described in words.

So in the pictures above you can realise how beautiful Gadani is. Yes, it is. That is why I started my drone career here and I wanted to.

Hope you like the video. Kindly share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below. To contact me click here. Share the post with your friends. Thank you 🙂

Part 2, When Started Remembering Things In Hospital

Hello Everyone! if you have not read the first part, you can read here.

When I opened my eyes I was in an ICU of Kidney Centre Karachi. But the problem was that I was not seeing anything. It was dark everywhere. A Staff Boy was asking me different questions. That what you did, why your kidneys are failed. Although I was trying to concentrate but was not able to concentrate. Then I again slept. When i got up again i was seeing light but not clearly. The Staff Boy said to me. Shahzaib we are doing your dialysis for 4 hours. It will make you better. I at that time did not understand what dialysis is.

After some time, i was feeling like someone is injecting something in my legs. I asked to staff.

Hello, What is your name?

Staff! Hi, I am Sher Khan.

Me: Sher Khan, please stop this I can not bear it more.

Sher Khan: Ok I am stopping it.

My eyes were getting better with time. I was listening to the people around me and was understanding what is happening and how many people are there.

With the passage of time, my concentration level was getting higher. Then I realised that my urine system is connected with a pipe called Catheter. And there is another tube was injected to my left leg for dialysis..

It was not easy for me to eat and drink at that time because I was not seeing anything. Sher Khan was the first person who encourages me to get up. He was the man who helped me to eat and drink. At that time I was also not aware that kidney patient doesn’t drink a lot. So, then Sher Khan told me that you have to drink in limit and there was a particular glass for this system to count water used.

I was in ICU for three days, and in last day when I was going, I was seeing things a little. I asked staff that where is Sher Khan I want to meet him. He said the shift has been changed so Sher Khan will come in the next day. Then I was shifted to the general ward. There were many kidneys patients.

I am tired today, will continue it in next post in shah Allah.

If you have anything in mine kindly comment below.

I Am Ill

Hello Everyone!

Hope everybody is doing well. I am not good from some days. I have been suffering from kidney disease. I was in my university when i just felt fever. I directly went to the doctor to test my blood because at that time malaria was common disease in the University.

After testing my blood, the man from laboratory said, you have Malaria and you must take tablets for it. Then i asked the doctor what to do? e said buy these malarial tablets.

I was confirmed that i do not have malaria. But i knew that i am ill. I called my father and asked him that i will come to home. The reason behind going to home was just because Khuzdar is a city where you do not find a good doctor. My father was agreed for coming.

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One of my friends Gunj Bakhsh said a bus will leave for Gadani at 4 pm. He was so helpful but he was not aware of timing of the bus. We went to Bazaar at 4 pm but transporter said the bus will leave at 8 Pm.

Now we had 4 hours for the bus, so we visit Bazaar, took tea 3 times and at last one of our friend Shehbaz callled us that come in hotel some of his friends has came. Then we went to meet them. We met them and finally the time of bus was near so we left from the hotel and went to transport.

Gunj Baksh and his friends left me at bus stop, I sat in bus and it left for Gadani. I was ok in bus, and did not felt temperature or fever in the way of 5 hours.

When i reached home, in the second morning i and my father went to test my blood if i have malaria or not. We went and tested, the report was clear. We shown the report to Doctor who was a general surgeon (DR Umer Baloch). When he saw my reports he said your hemoglobin level is very low. I will give you some tablets, if it increases then good, if not then you have to transfuse blood. He gave me tablets for some days.

After taking these tablets, we again went to test if the HB now good or not. We shown the report to doctor, he said altough blood has increased in some points but it is too slow. You have to transfuse blood. But try to transfuse fresh blood. Then we were compel, we agreed to him.

Then we found donors for me, firstly we have sent our family members to check , if their blood group match to my blood group. None of the family members group matched except my brother Tahir Majeed.

On the next day we went for transfusion, although doctor had said to transfuse 3 Bottle of blood. The first was given by my brother.

At this time i was feeling good. And i did not thought that i am suffering from a dangerous disease. So, for next transfusion , many of my friends for blood group test but none of them has the same blood group. Then we asked to the blood bank if they can arrange? they said yes , next day they arranged a blood O+ for me.

It was the second transfusion, i had to do three transfusions. At this time i was eating fruits and taking tablets from the doctor Umer. I was feeling better and i thought now everything is okay.

Then after some days we went for 3rd transfusion. This blood was donated by a friend from Punjgoor. He said my blood is so thick so doctor said to transfuse every 3rd month. After this transfusion, I was feeling so good.

Then my friend (Brother) Ejaz said that it is my marriage and you have to come and take photos. I agreed to him that i will try if i will be Okay. After some days it was the Nikah of Ejaz Asad. I was feeling lazy but because i had promised to him so i went. I took photos of people, even though i was feeling so sick, my eyes were not seeing fully, but i did my work.

At same night when i went to my home, I felt that i have a danger headache. My eyesight was becoming more weak. Then i started vomiting . With passage of time i was feeling so bad, so i asked my father to take me to the doctor. But it was my bad luck that my doctor was not here for a week. I went to another doctor, he said you are ok, it is happening because of weakness, he gave me some tablets and said you will be ok. But at the same time i was vomiting.

When we came to home, now i was feeling so ill. Then after one or two vomiting i did not remember anything.

Will be continue….

MIMe ideas and my experiences (IST Youth Carnival)

Mime post picture

You do not know about mime, right?. I was same as you did not know anything about mime. One day we listened that is a competition being held in IST Islamabad. How could I leave it? I entered my team. It was the same team which I have discussed in Winning The All Balochistan Academic Pentathlon. My team has participated in three types of competitions. Mime, Short Film and Theatrical Drama Competition.

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Winning The All Balochistan Academic Pentathlon

Winning The All Balochistan Academic Pentathlon

Dreams are real, you have to dream because it does not cost money. I am a good dreamer as well. I dream a lot about films and filmmaking. Many of my stories are related to my dreams which i have seen in sleeping or awake.

We were struggling in the field of filmmaking because it was not easy to make a good film which can be considered as an award-winning etc. Award-winning films need a great amount of work plus creativity and budget. But we still don’t work on a budget haha.

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