Let Go

They said that, at some point. you just learn to let go. I must disagree. If it just takes one moment to let go, then you never really held on tightly enough. To a dream. To a goal. To a place. To a person. To anything. I believe that you let go little by little. You let go a little, then hold back on, but with a little force until you fully release yourself. And the tighter you hold on, the more force you let go with. The deeper you dive, the higher you will fly. The closer you get further you will pull away. The weaker you feel, the stronger you will become. So do not be ashamed of your weaknesses. We all have them. You must learn to be kind to yourself. You must learn to understand yourself. You must believe in yourself. Never think that you are a bad person. Differentiate between your self-worth and your actions. To say that you are bad is different than saying that you made a mistake. You can not fix yourself, but you can fix a mistake. And remember, not one person on this earth is perfect. We all make mistakes. We all fall. We all have flaws. We just need to look within ourselves and treat ourselves as a human who are worthy of respect and hope. Do not give up on yourself. Get back up. Be brave. Be happy.

Think Of Me Too

If you want me to listen to you, respect that I can hear. If you want me to speak to you, respect that I have a voice. If you want me to look at you, respect my ability to see. Do you know how to do that? Listen to me when I talk, talk to me when you hear me, and look at me when I look at you. Share with me not only your sadness but also your happiness. If I can bear hours of your sadness, believe me, it’s because I would like to see days of your happiness. Depend on me if you respect that I am worthy of your trust. Open your heart to me if you respect that I am worthy of your love.

You Are The Sun

For them to see you shine, you  must stay far away, for you are just like the sun; when you are too close, your light makes them blind. And when you’re too far, they seek you. So let them seek you. They’re getting your light regardless, but appreciating your presence is different from recognizing your existence. If they don’t appreciate your presence , they may never even recognize your absence.