In this post you will be familiar with how to become a film Director. A film director is a main force behind a film, directing the film and on sets and actors they are present throughout all the scenario.

You will learn about the qualification to become a film director and job role breakdown.

What does it take to be a film director?

Actually! If someone like the film industry then he probably wants to become a film director.

Suppose me, if I am telling my friends that I want to be a film director they will not react because who do not want ?. It does not mean that they do not believe me that I can be a director, but its not new.

Basically, I started my film career as an actor with my friend Khalid Baloch. On that time we did not know what actually filmmaking is, or how to write direct or edit a film. First of all I did not realized that in future I will choose the directing side rather than the acting.

It takes time to learn about yourself, and the field you are working on. As your knowledge in the field increase you will get your directions and you will know about yourself that which area suits you.

I am not making you scare but believe me directing is not a easy job to do. It takes time to  understand the field of filmmaking, working with different types of teams and members, learning from them and utilizing those things on yourself.


Make Short Films:

The first thing you must do is making a lot of short films you can. I am still making short films rather than feature length films. There are a lot of reasons why you must not make feature length films in starting. Because this category of film does not need a budget. My film “Pith Gushi Mann Miraa’n “ is made with a simple digital camera with zero budget and has been selected in different festivals and as semi finalist in 60  Second International Film Festival.

So it does not take money to make a good short film and you can make short films using your mobile phone.

This is the best way to learn the basics of filmmaking. Write a short script, find some actors(your friends), record and edit it.

Filmmaking Education:

Like all the other creative jobs, you do not need a degree to become a film director. However many directors choose to  study the field. Either taking a course in university or joining a film academy. There are film academies in Pakistan which may take more money but these are better than a university, because these work practically in the field. There are many academies which are working freely you can join one of them.

Whether you want to study or not it depends on you. I did not learn anything from a university or school myself, but Insha Allah I will try in future after completing my bachelor’s in computer science.

Work with Others:

Because it is your start, so money does not have importance on this stage because you have to learn a lot. Find teams near you which are working on different types of films. Try to work with them which will teach you many things in the field. There are also some of the teams which will pay you a little price to work with them.

Route Of Direction:

There is no one route into film directing, some directors start out as directors from the beginning making short films and independent features with the hope of getting known, and being trusted with larger budgets. Others work their way up the film crew ladder starting out in a junior job role before progressing to director. Often directors do a mixture of working for others and producing their own films.

Independent Direction Route:

The independent as its name shows works independently. He makes films of different length and want himself to become popular, so different traditional filmmaking groups can call him to work for them. He makes as many films as he can but starts with low budget such as educational videos or short music videos and commercials.

The Traditional Route

 Traditionally directors work themselves up the crew ladder. Starting out as PA’s or Assistants in any department and progressing slowly up the ladder until they become trusted to be hired as directors. The plus side of this route as opposed to independent is that you are taught the professional way of working on set, gain experience working amongst a professional crew, and network within the industry.

How To Make Money?

In this section I will be discussing the jobs director or upcoming directors can do to make money. It depends on their lifestyles.


A director can work as a videographer. He will make videos in different occasions such as events , marriage ceremonies or others.

It will take time to become famous in your field but you can make an income as a videographer.


You can guide different crews and earn from them. If you want to become a freelancer join Fiverr and freelance and make money.

It can be hard to find your first job but it’s a huge opportunity to work with professionals.

Full Time Jobs:

There are full time jobs in film. You can be hired by different companies as their film production Directior find these jobs in regular jobs sites or in local news papers.


 Its likely that some directors in the future will come from online. YouTube is a real job and although it will take years to make a living this way, creating an audience online could come in handy later when promoting your films.

I think this post will work for you if you are new in the field of direction. Comment below so we can talk together,and don’t forget to subscribe my blog.

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