As you know that Freelancing world is increasing day by day. Everybody with a small talent or with no experience can now make money from freelancing. There are many platforms for freelancing but I suggest you make an account on Fiverr. It is one of the most popular platforms in the world nowadays.

What i am going to tell you today? as you know that if you have skills then it is so easy to make money in fiverr, but why i said about a simple work? let me explain.

I am today going to tell you a way, by which you do not need any skill of graphic designing and you can make a lot of money easily, Shocked? i am serious believe me.

Look this is a universal that if you want to make money then you need to work hard but by this way you do not need to work hard just you have to love what you are making.

So, first of all what you need to make this happen?

  1. You need Adobe Illustrator
  2. You need Photoshop
  3. You need Microsoft Office.

If you have these three software you are in the ease to make money easily through freelancing. How?

There is a website called Freepik In this website you can get best vector designs, logos, Photoshop Projects and Illustrator projects just for free.

The picture above is the picture of home. You just need have an account and you can download many many things for free, and even if you buy it’s basic plan then you can access professional logos etc.

How To Download Any File From Freepik?

As i said first of all you have to make an account in

Then in the search bar search the logo or etc you want. As i searched Photography Logo.


Now you can see a lot of free and paid designs. If you are in free plan then use the filter and search for free designs.

Free Filter

Choose your favorite design and click to open it.

Opened Logo

Noe it has the download option for you. Just click the download button.

When you click download it will start downloading in a zip file so you must have Winrar Software to decompress it. You can download winrar for free.

Then just open the folder Decompress it using Winrar you will find your base files. Open it through Photoshop or Illustrator according to File Extension.

It just open in the Software.


Edit it according to the requirements and then save it to Png or JPg according to the buyers requirements. As like i have just edited it. You can do more even change the colours , fonts etc.

Demo Logo

So this is the easiest way, i have told you about logo but you can get many more designs of other things to. Sit at home and make money easily.

I will soon make a video tutorial on my YOUTUBE. Subscribe my channel and learn more about new techniques.

If you have any problem just comment in the comment section.

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