As we all know that we are facing a technical error in freenom when we try to register a new domain (free domain .tk, .ga .cf ) etc. I have researched on this topic and finally solved this.

First of all you have to go to Freenom.

After this, you have to go to Register A New Domain option. Under the Service tab.

Remember, here you have to type Complete Domain name which you are going to register.

Such as or or etc. Because if you just search shahzaibmajeed than the technical error will happen and this trick will not work properly.

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If you type the domain name then click on search. You will to another page saying domain is available or not.

After this click on checkout. When you Click on checkout you will reach to the Cart page of freenom where you will see your domain informations.

Here you have to select time for registering your domain. Select 12 months.

Selecting 12 Months

After that click on Continue.

As you click on Continue, you will reach a page, where freenom asks you about your details. Remember here you have not to select gmail or Facebook for sign in. Because if you select that, this trick will not work.

Now for this trick to work you have to make a temporary email. Go to Temp Mail where you will get a free temporary email address for you. Copy the temporary mail address and paste it to the place which is shown in the above picture.

After pasting the email address click on verify my email address. As you click this button you will receive an email in the inbox of your temporary email address. So Check back your temporary email address page and refresh it to see the new email in the inbox. You will see a verification email from freenom

Now it is simple, open that email, in this you have a link which is the verification link of your freenom account. Click on it and verify your account.

So when you click it. It will open in another page asking a detail about you.

Now, this is the main part where your trick can work or you can not register any domain. So here you have to work carefully.

Here although it is asking for your name and detail. But if you are facing technical detail so you have to put a detail from USA . For this, you have to visit Fake Name Generator Website. When you visit the website click on Generate so this website will generate a detail but which is not the detail of anyone.

Now it is easy, add all those information which are asked by freenom. Just Copy and Paste.

After COpying and Pasting each information you have to Agree the Terms of Freenom and click continue. You will reach to another page. But here you always have encountered that error, this time, you will see the option shown in picture below.

Click to the button shown in above picture to go in your Client Area. Then go to My Domain Option and see your domain is registered. 🙂

So, it is the most simplest way to register domain in freenom. Altough others are facing technical issues.

If you have any problem just contact me on admin@shahzaibmajeed or from the Contact page.

Comment below if this trick worked for you.

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