As I know that she was a student of BUITEMS so I got a friend of mine Zakir Khan Baloch for arranging an interview and what, he did it in somedays and asked whatever I wanted to ask her.

When I asked Zakir Khan Baloch that how you did it man, he replied that his friend Zakariya (Ting Squad ) helped him in arranging this interview.

I am really thankful to these guys for helping me in this interview.


Who is Zainab?

Zainab Younas: Myself Zainab Younas, recently graduated from Buitems in Mass Communication. Currently I am running my Youtube Channel and started making Vlogs, I am Quetta’s 1st Female Youtuber and also a Head of Public Relation in International Student Week in Pakistan which is going to happen in Lahore in the last week of October it is the first-ever ISWIP in Pakistan, I am a part of Izhar by Film Fellowship from 2017 and was the only female from Balochistan to attend the fellowship which is the only Film Fellowship in Pakistan, I am also a part of 60 Second Intl. Film Festival as a Campus Ambassador of BUITEMS. I am the professional Female Photographer in Balochistan and covering different events of weddings, seminars, ceremonies etc in my hometown. I am also active in sports and I am a Balochistan Women Basketball Team Captain. I have 10 years of experience in Social Media Promotions as I was the Quetta Head of PAKIUM, PAK MEDIA REVOLUTION, BEATS24/7 (Websites).

What get you to the filmmaking field?

Zainab Younas: Every time when I watch any film or season the scenarios in my mind changes itself that now this will happen and eventually that was the same somehow. My main motive is to highlight the main issues and also to show the positivity of my province that what makes me realise film making is my field.

Is anyone in your family background related to the field?

Zainab Younas: I am the first-ever person from my family pursuing this field.

What was your favourite film made by yourself?

Zainab Younas: Guilt is one of my favourite short film made by me.

What do you want to be in filmmaking? Director, Cinematographer or something else?

Zainab Younas: Basically the Production side I prefer. The direction is what I love the most but Cinematography is what I always wanted to learn and I am doing so. I think both of them have their own perks.

Tell us about vlogging, and why vlogging?

Zainab Younas: Vlogging is basically your own opinion, which you show the world through your eyes. I think it is the easiest way to communicate with your audience, you just have to be yourself and that’s the best thing about Vlogging, vlogging has a long way as you can communicate with people in your own style and that’s what I love most.

Are you learning filmmaking from somewhere?

Zainab Younas: Not really but yes through internet tutorials and somehow I attended some fellowships and took advice from my mentors as well.

Who is your inspiration in this field and why?

Zainab Younas: Bilal lashari and Jami they showed totally different side of their films and I think which was very positive that the Pakistani cinema industry is reaching on top because of them and also in a positive way that’s huge. We should appreciate our people first.

Value of money/budget in filmmaking?

Zainab Younas: Budget is very important in filmmaking. If you want quality work you have to buy professional equipment if you want good work you have to pay a good amount to your actors and what not it is one of the most important things in filmmaking.

Types of equipment for your films and vlogging videos?

Zainab Younas: Basically we the beginner filmmakers and vloggers we don’t have that much amount to buy very expensive equipment. Our quality depends on the content we make our idea we pursue and how we make it. Currently, I don’t own any camera I make vlogs from my phone and for my films, I borrow cameras from my friends but I am planning to buy one.

Some words for the people joining the filmmaking field.

Zainab Younas: Stick to whatever takes you here it is one of the most responsible jobs ever don’t take it for granted because you shape the minds of the generations so choose wisely.

What do you suggest filmmakers avoid?

Zainab Younas: Please don’t use this field for your sake I mean for your fame and whatnot. If you want to convey positivity through the camera so this is the best platform for you. Focus on quality, not quantity.

What is your next project? Will you share?

Zainab Younas: Working on a short film related to our society especially in universities how once rumour could destroy someone’s image. This is my most favourite film I hope it will be a big hit.

Filmmaking and Balochistan?

Zainab Younas: Balochistan is a very rich province in every aspect not just its soil is fertile but yes its people are very much talented. There are many people who are working so good in this field without any training they learn through the internet and some guidance and their work is outclass so yeah there will a big and bright future for filmmaking.

Which type of films do you want to make?

Zainab Younas: I always wanted to make Positive films through which people got motivated and appreciate their fellows to do better.

Do you write your self?

Zainab Younas: Yes, I do up till now I have written my 3 films which are basically on social issues of our society.

Problems for you in this field?

Zainab Younas: People not taking you and your work serious.. suppose if I call a meeting for my shoot so no one is on time only 1 or 2 friends who came up with me and mostly you get criticised on your work rather than being appreciated.

Anything you have won in the field?

Zainab Younas: I might not have won a lot of awards however I have accomplished a lot I have made my name as a first female vlogger of Quetta on my own. I am known to be a role model for many young girls, through the cause of promoting women empowerment I am able to break the stereotypical mindset of the people.

What you would be if you were not a filmmaker?

Zainab Younas: I WOULD BE LOST

Special Thanks:

I am really thankful to Zakir Khan Baloch and his friend Zakariya (Tingsquad). All the credit goes to these guys. These are also talented and doing Vlogging and making different videos. I suggest you follow them in different Social Media Platforms.

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Once again I am really thankful to Zainab Younas for this fruitful interview. It is really helpful for the newbies of this field.

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