Hello Everyone! today I am going to share an interview of my beloved friend and student also, Who is a great artist and a hard-working boy. Badar Khan.

So below is the complete interview of Badar Khan (Micro Artist).

Question 1: Who Is Badar Khan? Please Introduce Yourself.

Badar Khan: I am Badar khan son of Sheedi khan from Gadani and I am fond of art.

Question 2: What you have studied? And Studying?

Badar Khan: I am a student of B.A.I am studying B.A and I have also learnt English language in the hub academy and I learnt English language due to Shazaib Majeed. First I did not believe that I would be able to speak English but I knew that Shahzaib could speak English then Shah Zaib encouraged and motivated me to learn English and ALHAMDULILLAH now I can speak the English language

Question 3: Who is your favourite personality?

Badar Khan: Sir Basheer Ahmad Jamali and Sir Shahzaib Majeed.

Question 4: From where the love for Micro Art started and what was the reason?

Badar Khan: Once I was watching the Bollywood film ‘ Makki‘ and in that film the heroine of the film was a micro artist and I liked it after that I made a very small boat which was about 2 inches and seeing my that small boat Sir ShahZaib encouraged and motivated me .with the passage of time I made the size of things smaller and My friend Sir Shahzaib encouraged and motivated me.
so I became a micro artist due to Sir Shahzaib and makki film.

Question 5: Did you learn it from any institute?

Badar Khan: not, Just because of Sir Shshzaib and makki film.

Question No: 6: Do you have special gadgets for micro arts ? do you use anyone?

Badar Khan: I don’t have enough facilities. only a Chinese micro art blade and a Japanese micro art blade and some surgical blades. now I am using these blades once I only used hair removal blade for micro art.

Question 7. How much time does it take to make a micro boat?

Badar Khan: It depends on size and beauty. suppose it takes a day to make a microbiota.

Question 8 . What is micro art in your opinion?

Badar Khan: It is a genre of art, in this art sculptures, sketches and paintings are created on a very small scale but only a few people know this art.

Question 9. Do you have any other hobbies?

Badar Khan: yes, I like aseel cocks and other animals.

Question 10. How many models you have created since now?

Badar Khan: From micro art, more than 30 and other models are more than 15 and some of my creativities and micro things were given to my friends. now I have more than 5 creativities and more than fifteen micro creativities.

Question 11. Do you have support from your family?

Badar Khan: Only my mother helps me with money and my youngest sisters motivate me and others from my family demotivate me, means only my mother and my youngest sisters support me.

Question 12: Does your society support you on this Art?

Badar Khan: Society does not support me and people laugh at me and ask me to go for a job so that I may earn money but I am not after money and I believe in ALLAH.

Question 13: Have you had any problem making micro models?

Badar Khan: Of course, I have problems because I don’t have good tools, microscope and other facilities for this art and on the other hand I am very busy sometimes at the shop and sometimes on other works that’s why I can’t concentrate well on this art.

Question 14: What you need so you can do micro art in a better way?

Badar Khan: First of all I should be free, means I should have time and I must have facilities then I can do micro art in a better way.

Question 15: do you have any support from anyone?

Badar Khan: Only some of my friends and teachers motivate me and once my a friend Sir Abdul Manan from Hub Chowki helped me, means he got me a good bag with watercolour, the pencils and colour pencils of good qualities for micro art.

Question 16: How much will it take to buy your complete gadgets for Micro Art?

Badar Khan: I don’t know the price of microscope and some good micro art tools but I know the price of some things which are used in micro art. means I don’t have complete knowledge about the rate of micro art gadgets.

Question No 17: What was your favourite model since now?

Badar Khan: My favourite model a wooden half-inch boat, a micro boat.

Question 18. Are you still learning Micro art?

Badar Khan: Yes, still, I am learning micro art.

Question 19: Can you make big models?

Badar Khan: Inshallah!

Question 20. What do you want to say to the people listening to you?

Badar Khan: I want to say to the people that regardless of success or failure, our job is simply to struggle.
Means, if you are demotivated from doing a good thing, should not get demotivated just keep doing good things whether you get something out of it[good work] or not and should believe that one day will come I will get lots of things and respect out of my good work.

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