Asad Waheed's picture
Asad Waheed’s picture

Asad Waheed is a great photographer. He works in his photos really well so he has professional skills in Photography.

The list of Photographers is huge but everyone has its own unique style of Photography (e,g Kamanchar Works on colours mostly).

There is a difference between liking photography and having skills in photography.

I interviewed Sir Asad Waheed in this regard so we can learn from him more in these questions.

Interview Session:

Me: What is the introduction of Asad Waheed?

Asad Waheed: My name is Asad Waheed I am basically from Gawadar, but now I am in Karachi and working here.

Have you learnt photography from somewhere?

Asad Waheed: I have learnt photography from Jan Albalushi and Sane Albalushi At Jan Clicks in Bahrain. I also learned from Adil Bizanjo at Nosach Films. Recently i have studied from Sir Amir Sayed from Art Council Karachi.

What Was The Reason You chose Photography?

Asad Waheed: I love nature, so maybe it is a reason. I loved using the camera from my childhood. This is also a reason.

Why Photography Only not the other field?

Asad Waheed: I thought photography was the easiest way to express my and the same thing I told you in my last answer nature and childhood passion.

Any person who encouraged you to this field?

Asad Waheed: Nobody! Although my passion did.

Which type of photography do you like the most?

Asad Waheed: Landscape Photography.

What is the importance of Editing in Photography?

I am not talking about the rules of photography, but what I think it is necessary. Maybe 97% of photographers in the world edit their photos after capturing. But it depends on you either you need it or not. If all the photographers edit their photos it means editing has an importance in the photography right?. but you must see the photo either it needs colour correction, editing or not. If yes do it if no you may not.

Which camera at a cheap price is good for photography?

Asad Waheed: I used canon 600d and still using it but you can use any type of camera. If you have skills and knowledge of photography, you can capture beautiful pictures with a low-quality camera as well.

Yes! now a days 1300d and 600d both are great cameras. I use my mobile phone for photography too.

At last, I will say the camera is not the must-have thing you can capture with the mobile phone but everyone has his point of view.

Which Camera you mostly use?

Asad Waheed: Mobile phone and DSLR 60d and 600d.

Is there any relationship between life and photography?

Asad Waheed: Both need hard work to be successful. Means you buy 1 lack camera it does not mean you are a good photographer. In life too, if you work hard, love yourself, you will get success. So, in my opinion, it is a relation.

Have you ever travelled for photography?

Asad Waheed: Mostly ! and in different places like Kund Malir, Hingol National Park Nani Mandir and in many places.

What are the problems and their solutions in photography?

Asad Waheed: Hmmm! There are no problems but if you have the knowledge of photography. If you do not have the knowledge, there are billions of problems for you. Which I can not explain here.

Can someone make money in through his photography? If yes then how?

Asad Waheed: Making money is not hard but here, in this field, you have a good scope also. You can work for companies, TV Channels, you can do wedding photography. There are many other ways also.

Canon Or Nikon?

Canon because I did not use Nikon. Canon is easy to use and Nikon has good colours.

Is Lens necessary in photography?

Asad Waheed: It is the most important thing in photography. If you want to capture a Landscape photo and camera has a 50mm lens which is a prime lens, of course, you would not be able to capture good landscape photo. Lens has importance.

What is your message for the newcomers of the field?

Asad Waheed: I would like to say that, a person can be a photographer with any type of camera you do not need expensive cameras such as DSLRs. If you don’t understand anything, Youtube is full of knowledge make a search. You can solve the problem in seconds.

First of all, you must be a photographer, don’t think about money. Be an artist, not a businessman.

The photographer who inspired you?

Asad Waheed: Yes there is a big list but I am not able to say all the names.

  1. Jan Albalushi
  2. Zakir Shiraan
  3. Shehzad Muhammad Ali

Are there rules for photography or it depends on the person?

Asad Waheed: Yes there are a lot of rules, like composition rule, rule of 3rd. If a person breaking a rule he must be aware that which rule he has broken. He must have knowledge.

Any comment on this portion of my website?

Asad Waheed: This portion of the website is excellent. Photographer, singers, artists and anything if a person wants to become he can learn a lot from this section. And new boys and girls can be sure that what they have to do. They get help from these interviews. You are doing a great job. Keep Going.

And Yes if anybody wants to be a photographer, so remember! that you can not be a photographer without education. Education is necessary. Education is must if you want to be any type of artist.

Thank you so much Shahzaib bro.

End of interview.

My thoughts:

So this interview may help you and now you better understand who is Asad Waheed. A DSLR is not important if you have the talent in photography. There are rules for photography and you have to learn them if you want to be photography. I again thanks to my Brother Asad Waheed that he Aanswered our question. The next interview I am thinking about a Social Worker. So be here and follow my blog so you will get my posts in your email. Follow me on Instagram as well and like my Facebook Page.

If you have experience in any field and if you want to share your knowledge by writing an article or by giving us an interview, you are welcome. You can contact me on

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