Interview Of First Female Engineer From Lasbela Komal Baloch

Today, We have a special guest for the interview, She is a photographer , book lover and An Engineer sorry first female Engineer from lasbela.

I interviewed her and asked some question. If I miss anything so you have to ask in the comment box under the post.

Who is Komal Baloch ?

Myself Komal Baloch, I belong to Gadani. I am final year student of CS Engineering at BUETK and I am labela’s first female Engineer.

How was Your childhood ?

Basically, I belong to a middle-class family so actually my childhood was not so much good. I have had many struggles in my childhood even my life is still full of struggles. But my parents have always been very supportive of me. At that time, rich children used to study in government schools but my parents enrolled me in a private school. I was also a very quick learner and hardworking girl and I was very fond of studying. So, that’s why I have always been a class topper.

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What are your hobbies ?

Every single man has a passion to do something. Every person has a different hobby to do, to me reading books and photography are my favourite hobbies .
I enjoy reading books when I am free and I started to do it when I was 14 or 15 years old. And also I do photography when I am free because I love to click natural beauty…

Why you chose engineering?

I think, I didn’t choose engineering but engineering chose me. When I was in school, I have always heard that Engineering is not a suitable field for girls. People used to say that girls can not do the things that boys do, but i knew girls could too. So at that time I had made up my mind to become a Engineer. And one of the reasons I chose engineering was that I had no interest in biology.

You like Photography , But which type of photography is your favourite ?

Yes, I love photography. If I got a chance , I would like to take it up as a full-time career.
Landscape photography is my favourite but It pretty much depends on where I am.
When I am outdoor I try to look for interesting nature shots.

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What is your favourite subject and why?

There are many subjects in which I am interested. But my favourite subject is Computer Communication and network. There is no specific reason but this is an interesting subject.

Life is ? What?

According to me life is a journey filled with happiness, sadness, struggle, joy, special moments and experiences that will lead us to our destination.

Name your favourite book ?

There is a big list but recently I read a book ” The 7 habits of Highly effective teens” whose writer is Sean Covey is very nice and motivational book.

What do you think about Girls and boys are they equal ? or there is any difference.

I think both are equal in the educational sector and both have the same rights in this field because education is necessary for both. But that does not mean that girls and boys are equal in everything. Allah Pak created both in a different gender so obviously neither their rights nor responsibilities will be equal.

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Had it created problems for you when you chose Engineering?

When I chose Engineering, it had not created so many problems for me. But yes, many people forbade me to choose this field, and even some people criticized me but yeah I did not face so many problems.

You words for

This is a website that has given a platform for the people to show their talent. Whether he/she is an artist or singer or related to any field. That’s a great job Shahzaib Bhai you are doing.

I just appreciate you very much for this work.

My Words.

I am so happy that i have interviewed Komal Baloch for my blog. She is a great photographer as well. She is an encouragement for our society and especially for the girls. We are so lucky that we have females like Komal Baloch from our area.

My words are really not enough for her to praise her, but i ask you to encourage her on her different social media accounts.

You can like her Facbook Page, Twitter, Instagram .

Comment below and say anything you want, or if you want to ask any question from Komal Baloch then also comment below.

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Thanks. 🙂


  1. Shahzaib Majeed 2020-04-29 at 7:48 am

    میری پیاری بہین کومل بلوچ کے لیے سوال۔

    اس بارے آپ کیا کہو گے ان لوگوں کے جو یہ کہتے ھیں کہ لڑکیاں زیادہ پڑھ کر کیا کریگی یہ تو شادی کرنے کے بعد تو ویسے یہی اپنے گھر کے کچن میں ہونگی اتنی ساری ڈگریاں کیا کریگی۔

    دوسرا سوال۔ میٹرک/ انٹر کے بعد اگر کوہی بھی لڑکا/لڑکی آپ سے راۓ لیے تو آپ کس فیلڈ کے لیےکہو گی

    تیسرا سوال۔ آپ اپنے اس مقام تک پہنچنے کی وجہ بتاسکتی ھے ۔ کن سے آپ انسپائر ہوئی ہو۔
    چوتھا سوال۔کیا آپ کو کسی نےآگے پڑھنے کے لیے منع کیا ؟

  2. Komal Baloch 2020-04-29 at 8:22 am

    1. Bhai taleem hasil krne ka hargiz matlb ye ni k aap koi job kro ya kch.. Agr kisi ladki ko shadi kr k kitchen b sanbhalana hai tb b taleem zaroori hai.. Qk taleem to har mard or aurat par farz ha.. Km se km taleem hasil kr k apne bachon ki achi parwarish to kr skta ha na. Unko achi tarbyth to de skte hain. Or zaroori ni wo taleem sirf dunyawi taleem ho wo deeni taleem b hoskta ha.

    2. Wo to us k interest pe depend krta ha.. Me hargiz ye ni kahungi k medical field me jao ya engineering.. Jis me use interest ho us me jae.. Albata jis field me jana chaye us field se related use zaroor informations dungi.

    3. Sach kahun to kisi se ab tak to inspire ni hui. Wese hmhesha se dream raha hai k bus kch bnna hai. ni Alhamdulilah mere sath aesa nai hua ..mere parents , meri family hmhesha se mere lye supportive rahen hain.. Han kch aese log te jinho ne criticise kya..

  3. Wadera Darya Khan Angaria 2020-08-27 at 12:25 pm

    Komal Baloch Meri Class Fellow Thi Yeh Mere liye Fakhar Ki Baat Hai.
    Weldone Komal Baloch.


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