We were courageous about the competition because we were the winner of All Balochistan Academic Pentathlon 2018. Although it was difficult for us to be prepared for these competitions in just 3 to 5 days.

We called a meeting where all the team members came. They discussed each and everything and separated the work. The script for drama was on Shoukat. I got the chance of writing mime and our film was ready because we were about to give The Pain in this competition.

Learning The MIME:

It was really really hard for me to make a script on the thing which I have never seen or listened about.

The definition of mime is like;

The art or technique of portraying a character, mood, idea, or narration by gestures and bodily movements; pantomime.


I started learning about mime, searched on the internet about this. I learned a lot about the mime that how a mime can be represented. Then I started writing my first mime ever. The first rough mime was on Save Water.

This Mime script was great but many scenes were copied from different mime videos. I was not satisfied with the mime at all.

There was a second meeting held and everybody was supposed to show his work. Shoukat had written a great story on multiple themed situations. He has included child labour, the bad behaviour of educated people, transgenders and much more.

All the members were satisfied with him. His story had the potential to compete. On the same time, I was not satisfied with my script even everybody else was satisfied they said it is easy to make we must make it in this short time. I told theme please give me just one night. They were agreed.

The Perfect Mime:

I had just one night to think and write the script for mime. It was not easy but I worked till 3 pm and I came up with great scenes and there was no copied scene.

The next day I shared the script to my co-workers. They were glad to listen to it. They said you are an amazing man.

Rehearsal :

Rehearsal is one of the most important parts in theatrical performance. Although it was our first-time rehearsal for a mime competition. I said to Shoukat that you direct all the things for drama. I chose the mime for direction. We divided our rehearsal sessions into two parts. Mean first we rehearse the drama if we get bored then we will rehearse the mime.

The problem in mime rehearsal:

As we came to know that, talking is not allowed in mime. You must show everything by facial and bodily expressions. Even you are not allowed to use any object like chairs, tables etc.

Another thing was that mime needs music. Every step and invisible objects must sound at the same time when a character acts.

So, I got my laptop and sat there to direct my team. I said i will tell you a single scene you have to perform and correct it. I will make the music for this scene then we move forward. They agreed to me.

We started rehearsing mime step by step. I was lucky that i had a team which was understanding my feelings. Whatever i said they did the same in 1 or 2 takes. I appreciate that they worked hard so we made our music for the mime.

The completion of music means mime is 90% completed because we have rehearsed it by making music.

I was totally satisfied with my mime team because they remembered each and every step and knows how and where should I take my position.

The mime was so awesome. The judge came on the stage to congratulate us. We won the mime. I will write about IST Youth Carnival tour in my upcoming blogs. Follow me to read more. Thank you.

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