Hello everyone!

As you all know that I have got a gift. Which was a drone. So I was eager to fly it although I did not know how to fly it.

For this, I visited the seaside of our Gadani, Balochistan beach. I hope you know about Gadani. Gadani is so beautiful. Thousands of people come here to enjoy the beach and beauty of Gadani. The main reason for people’s attraction is the cleanliness of the beach. Gadani also has the world’s 3rd largest ship breaking yard. Means old expired ships from all over the world come here fo breaking. The beauty of Gadani beach can not be described in words.

So in the pictures above you can realise how beautiful Gadani is. Yes, it is. That is why I started my drone career here and I wanted to.

Hope you like the video. Kindly share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below. To contact me click here. Share the post with your friends. Thank you 🙂

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