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When I opened my eyes I was in an ICU of Kidney Centre Karachi. But the problem was that I was not seeing anything. It was dark everywhere. A Staff Boy was asking me different questions. That what you did, why your kidneys are failed. Although I was trying to concentrate but was not able to concentrate. Then I again slept. When i got up again i was seeing light but not clearly. The Staff Boy said to me. Shahzaib we are doing your dialysis for 4 hours. It will make you better. I at that time did not understand what dialysis is.

After some time, i was feeling like someone is injecting something in my legs. I asked to staff.

Hello, What is your name?

Staff! Hi, I am Sher Khan.

Me: Sher Khan, please stop this I can not bear it more.

Sher Khan: Ok I am stopping it.

My eyes were getting better with time. I was listening to the people around me and was understanding what is happening and how many people are there.

With the passage of time, my concentration level was getting higher. Then I realised that my urine system is connected with a pipe called Catheter. And there is another tube was injected to my left leg for dialysis..

It was not easy for me to eat and drink at that time because I was not seeing anything. Sher Khan was the first person who encourages me to get up. He was the man who helped me to eat and drink. At that time I was also not aware that kidney patient doesn’t drink a lot. So, then Sher Khan told me that you have to drink in limit and there was a particular glass for this system to count water used.

I was in ICU for three days, and in last day when I was going, I was seeing things a little. I asked staff that where is Sher Khan I want to meet him. He said the shift has been changed so Sher Khan will come in the next day. Then I was shifted to the general ward. There were many kidneys patients.

I am tired today, will continue it in next post in shah Allah.

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