Hi everyone! as you know that I have been sharing my difficult times which I am having. If you talk about the toughness of life so yes life is tough but I am competing with life.

I was in the general ward. There were different kidney patients. Some had the same problem as me. Some were facing kidney stones problem. So everyone has a different problem.

At this time I was not aware that my kidneys are not functioning. I thought whatever I faced its end now. Now I am good and in some days I will go home and start my education again. But the situation was different.

Here at general ward different staff members (nurses) had their duties. They put canola in my hand. It was really not bearable when someone came and put the injection in the canola. Because when canola is not in use it will have a blockage. And nurses don’t care if this is blocked or ok. They inject fastly so the pain at that time was unbearable.

At that time I had a pipe on my leg for dialysis and a pipe for urine passing. I was actually not ok with these pipes. So in some days doctor ordered to remove those pipes and put another on my neck. Which needed a small operation. So neck day I went to the operation theatre, where a female doctor did this operation and put another pipe on my neck for dialysis. She said it can be used for 15 days, after that it will cause infection.

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Now, I was facing another problem which was that pipe. Because I had to take care of that pipe. But still, I was thinking i will be ok in a week. I did not think that my kidneys are totally failed. Kidney Center was one of the best hospitals i have visited in my life.

Especially I remember their food. Their services and their hard work. So in somedays doctor said you have to go to home but keep the dialysis in a week.

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