As we all know that world is facing a pendimac corona Virus. Many countries are facing huge problems because of this virus. Many people are dead, and many are in hospitals under treatment.

If we see our country so here the most population is middle class family or poor people. These people get their income by daily working.

Pakistan is also in danger of corona virus so our Government has imposed a lockdown in our cities and areas.

Gadani se a village like city. The people of Gadani are mostly fisherman. But because of lockdown everything is closed and no one can work.

These poor people are jobless and have no money to buy their ration or food.

The Young people of Gadani decided to make a group which can collect donation and funds and will help these poor people.

Saleem Ullah Angariya arranged a meeting with many other seniors and juniors persons of Gadani. They decided that they will work for the betterment of Gadani, and people of Gadani. They called this group has Jan Nisaran E Gadani.

Jan Nisaran E Gadani worked day in and out and collected a donation for the society. Then they distributed nearly 650+ packs of ration to the families of Gadani Balochistan.

These people are doing some other social activities as well. Such as they are advicing people to make social distance. Providing fishermen masks. Spraying anti Corona Spray in the city and working for poor as well.

I was really happy to see these working so i have also joined them and now i am also the member of this beautiful Organization.

I really pray to Allah that make these youngesters more powerful so they can work for the society more effectively.


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