In June 2018 one of our lecturers in the university called me. I picked up the phone. Saying “Hello” the lecturer replied “Shahzaib hain?” Translation: “Are you Shahzaib?. I said “Yes”. Then we talked to each other, asked about each other. After these he said will you want to participate in a filmmaking competition?. Believe me, I did not have the word “no” in my dictionary at that time. I said, “yes sir”. So my participation has been done on that day. But the competition was expected to be held on July 2018.

On the same day when I talked to Sir, one of my friend who is a good director Noor Ul Zaman called me about the competition. He was also interested in the film competition.

Our Team, Shoukat, Noor Ul Zaman Sangeen Khan and Zohaib Shoukat met one night. So we discussed the theme of the competition. Them was very difficult which was ‘Ocean In A Drop’.

Explanation of theme:

Let me explain the theme of the competition ‘Ocean In A Drop’. Ocean in drop means a small thing having a huge power. Like a little drop of the ocean has the power of whole the ocean.


So it was difficult to make a winning film on this topic which already does not have many things to explain in words. How can we be able to do that?

Writing The rough Script:

In the meeting on that night, all the friends decided that everyone will write a script in two to 3 days and we all will discuss then choose one. All the partner agreed.

So we all wrote different types of scripts. We all discussed them with each other in a meeting.

Shoukat, about whom I have written above is a great artist. He has the power to write poetry in Balochi, short stories and feature-length stories. He has also worked in different films

The other guy Zohaib is not a good writer but he has great talent in acting so in this meeting Zohaib and Noor Ul Zaman were the two people who did not have scripts in their hands.

Sangeen Khan’s grandfather is a great writer and filmmaker. He has worked in Pakistan Television. Sangeen got his grandfather to write a script.

I also wrote a script and one by one everybody discussed his script.

I appreciated and will always appreciate that my partners had great stories, but they also were sure that their scripts do not match with the theme.

My Script:

When it was my turn I discussed the script with the visual explanation of every scene. And I told them where and how my script matches the theme. My partners also accepted the script for the final production.

My script was about a child. His parents beat him. He watches Tv and the addiction damage his thoughts, he is scared. He dreams of terrorists .

The conclusion of this script is related to the power and courage of the child who bears a lot of things in our society. Although he is little but fights with the terrorists in his dreams and that is the point which connects the story to the theme.

Semester Break And Production:

After a week of meeting, we got our semester break. We had 10 to 15 days for the production and total a month for production and post-production.

Arrival Of Team:

After the passing some days of semester break, my team came in Gadani. I was so happy that a team of filmmaker has come and will work with me. It was a great pleasure for me to serve them well.

Location Problem:

The location is a must-have thing and should be decided before recording the film. This was a big problem that a School is required for making our film. Our team decided that I and Noor Ul Zaman should meet the principal of Govt. Boys High School Gadani.

In the morning we went to meet the principal. He is a great man. He served us “Chahe” in a Dabba of Gadani, then he asked Noor Ul Zaman the problem. Noor Ul Zaman explained everything from start to end. Sir said that it is not a problem. School is closed nowadays because summer vacations are going on. He said call me tomorrow I will give you guys the keys tell the peon about you.

We thanked him for this at of kindness and support.

Shooting Day:

Shooting is the part of filmmaking which every director love a lot. We were excited about shooting and had the energy to shoot the film as soon as possible. The Principal meeting day was the resting day for us.

The Gadget Problem:

On next day we come to the location (School), but then we realised that we do not have guns haha the main gadgets of shooting. I also needed the material for making blood.

Three of our teammates decided that we will go to Hub and buy the things which we need. Hub is the industrial city of Balochistan you can learn more about it here (Wikipedia).

We reached Hub. There is a market called the Ladies Market. We went there and searched for toy guns but we did not get good guns there. They were small and looking too fake. We asked the shop keeper that if we get from somewhere he replied that these guns are banned nowadays. So, we decided to buy 2 fake AK 47 and 2 Pistols.

After the guns, we went to a general store. I bought the food colour for blood, we also bought ketchup for better blood.

Shooting Days:

Shooting days were the most interesting days for us. Every actor was ready because we have given them the script many days before. Zohaib and Sangeen Khan were performing the act of terrorists. Niyal Noroz and Kabir were performing the role of school children. Everybody was full of energy. We took each scene very carefully. There were a lot of cuts.

A lot of funny things happened in the shooting. We even did not stop our shooting for lunch break. We shot for three days and we did not eat on time. Always ate at 3 pm or 4 pm.

The children were also working hard when we rested they sung the songs with Noor Ul Zaman.

Finishing The Production:

We worked hard for three days and finished our final production of raw footage for the film. The footage was excellent. This was my first time when I was the cinematographer with a DSLR. Canon 70d is a great camera for making low budget short films.

The Noor Ul Zamanism:

You will be a thing that why I wrote a heading Noor Ul Zamanism. Believe me, Noor Ul Zaman is a person but Noor Ul Zamanism is the personality. Noor Ul Zaman has a good habit of perfection. He worked perfectly in every aspect. There was no mistake left.

I appreciate his efforts for the film, everybody did his work perfectly.

Editing The Pain:

It was the part of the film which was on only and only on me. Everybody told me that 90% of the work is on you. We just have done 10% of the film.

Remember I am editing addicted. When I sit to edit the film it means I do not even listen to anything else. I have edited a lot of films and was totally courageous about this film.

The most time taking part in this film was editing. The was a gap of a month and some days between the making of the film and the competition. We have completed the editing in the last night.

The 3 Days Of Program:

All Balochistan Academic Pentathlon is a competition between the universities of Balochistan. There were different types of competitions like photography, Quiz Competition, Speech Competiton and much more. Even participants from different universities were there. We enjoyed every day of the program.

You can see in the above video The Pain was screened at the Auditorium in the Buitems.

It was an amazing day. The host of this program said that i have cried after watching The Pain. She is a vlogger and i am including her video which she made during the program.

There were 3 days and every day was better than the previous day. Last day was really amazing because we were announced as the winner.

Winning The Academic Pentathlon 2018:

On the 2nd day of competition, when we were sitting the Big hall of Buitems. Huge Hall was full of people. These people were in thousands. It was an honour for me that my film was screened to this audience.

I did not think of winning, we were sure that our film will get any position 2nd or 3rd.

The time comes of results, the host said there are 2 positions only 1st and 2nd. Further said” the film from Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University“. It was a piece of great news that we were not the second position. But it was also heart wrenching that if we got any position?

After some minutes the host announced,” The winner of this competition is Balochistan University Of Engineering And Technology Khuzdar“.

I was crying when I listened this. A big sound “Haaaaaaaaaaa” had come out of the mouth. It was awesome. It was like i am in a dream, nothing is real.

This was like my dream came true. I was not thinking of money instead i was thinking of that self respect for our hard work. Our Hard work paid of that day. All the crowd was shouting on our victory. It was like everyone knows me. Everyone is concerned with me but that was our hard work which made us known.

In the same program, we won many competitions.

I hope you like our this story, after the winning of this Award we won and been selected in different festivals. I will discuss the story of IST Islamabad Youth Carnival soon. Be connected with me and comment below so we can be friends and talk together. You can also follow me on Instagram or in Facebook.

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