Hello everyone! As today is the Friday and the day of my dialysis for kidneys. I do dialysis in three days a week. Friday Tuesday and again Friday.

You are maybe thinking how is the dialysis? If it is hard for me or not.

Basically dialysis is a process in which you do not have any harm to your body during this process. But yes this has some issues also like the patient who is under dialysis may face low blood pressure. Or he or she may become so tired etc .

For me dialysis now a days is the way for feeling better. Because if i do not do it i get fluid in my body.

A chronic kidney disease patient without dialysis can only live one to two weeks and it depends on other health conditions.

Today i am writing this post on the bed or dialysis where i have dialysis machine near me. You can see it.

Dialysis Machine

On this bed doing my dialysis regularly i am slowly learning about this machine. The process of dialysis. How blood flow through the dialyzer etc. But on the other hand i feel so bad that i am victim of this chronic disease.

Believe me, you will think kidney disease may be a easy thing because you will not have any type of kidney pain in this disease. Kidney stone give more pain.

But on the other side Chronic kidney disease is not a single disease. It is a bundle of diseases. Like, if you have chronic kidney disease you have heart problem. The heart pumps irregularly. You have blood pressure. You will have swelling problem in your body. You have itching disease because of urea in your body. You have sugar problem, ear are damaged, bone disease, uric acid problem. And many others.

Because your kidneys do not remove any type of wastes from your body, that’s why you need to be careful to eat everything. Even fruits are not allowed to eat because these have a lot of Potassium in these.

Before some days i had gout attack. Gout attack is a disease of joins. Where extra uric acid take place between your joins and believe me it gives pain. Strong pain.

If you eat phosphorus you may damage your bones because extra phosphorus remove calcium from your bones and make them weaker.

There is another problem. Which is may be some of the main problem of CKD . The blood level always decreases. For the increase of blood i need to take an injection after every dialysis, that injection helps me to control my blood level.

Another problem is that i can not drink unlimited liquad including water. In a day i have to drink just 800ml, because if i drink more than it i swell, and will have breath problem.

Now maybe someone ask that if it is difficult for me to have this disease. So yes, this disease is not a normal disease. I suggest you all please 🙏 take care of your health. Drink a lot of water a day. Do not control your urine for a long time. Do not eat unhealthy foods or things. Eat fruits.

In my final words i will say that this disease made me strong enough to fight. This disease made me to near to Allah. I understand the power of Allah SWT. The kidney is a small thing in our body. But the work of kidney is just really really important. Kidneys do not just filter blood these have a lot of work.

Take care.


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